mother with son looking on the laptop

Questions? Ready to sign up?

Phone: 585-507-7870
Address: UConn Linguistics - Unit 1145
365 Fairfield Way
Storrs, CT 06269-1145

About the Study

Through this research, we are learning how to best promote healthy cognitive development in deaf children, whether they’re acquiring spoken English through a cochlear implant, learning American Sign Language, or both.

During the study, a researcher will play several brain games with your child. Each game is designed to measure different aspects of cognitive development. We build in time for breaks, although many kids just want to keep playing!

Ages 5-6 qualify for one 40-minute session. Ages 7-12 qualify for two 40-minute sessions that can be schedule on the same day or different days. For each session, you earn $10.

Does your child qualify?

  • + At least 5 years old, but not yet 13?
  • + Received at least 1 cochlear implant by age 3?
  • + No other major diagnoses (e.g. serious visual impairment, autism, etc.)?
  • + Live within a day’s drive of Connecticut? (We can come to you!)

If the answer to all those questions is “Yes”, we’d love to include your child in the study! Please email us to sign up.

If you’re interested but don’t live in New England, please email us anyway! If there are other families in your area, we can schedule a trip. We’d also love to have your help spreading the word.

This study is funded by the National Institutes of Health, and is approved by the UConn Institutional Review Board.